Members of the consortium


Gerd Bräuer
(University of Education Freiburg/Germany)

Gerd‘s contribution to the consortium stems from his experience with actively shaping literacy environments in (post-) secondary education in Germany and Switzerland. At his home institution, he runs certificate programs for writing coaches and literacy managers.



Tiane Donahue
(Dartmouth College/USA and Lille 3 University/France)

Tiane brings transatlantic experience from her cross-appointment in the US and in France. She is also involved in an MA in Liberal Studies.



Heather Graves
(University of Alberta/Canada)

Heather‘s knowledge of writing studies in Anglo-Canada and the US complement and expand the expertise in this initiative. She is currently developing a PhD in writing studies and rhetoric.





Katrin Girgensohn (Europe-University Viadrina/Germany)

She is involved in an MA in International Studies and started her own Literacy Management course as part of the university writing center she is directing

Additional support for the consortium comes currently from the following internationally recognized scholars:

Joan Mullin (Illinois State University/USA)
She currently develops an MA in English with a Global Emphasis.

David Russell (University of Iowa/USA)
He is involved in an MA in Rhetoric, Composition and Professional Communication.

Chris Thaiss (University of California Davis/USA)
He is the director of a PhD program in Composition and Rhetoric. He also directs the Initiative Writing Programs Worldwide which is a partner of the ILM Consortium

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