ePIC Conference in London

Join us at ePIC 2013, this 8-10 July in London, to shape the future of learning.

In these times of uncertainty, nothing is more certain than the need for learning and innovation. It is why we have chosen as the umbrella theme for this year’s event: “Open Me” (open education, open source, open data, open learning, open badges, etc.).

ePIC 2013 will feature a special track on Open Badges, an emerging technology that has already started to change the landscape of learning and employment as well as health care. A series of hands-on workshops, presentations and keynotes will provide a unique opportunity to understand why and how to implement Open Badges in your organisation, network or territory.

More presentations and keynotes will address literacy, assessment, employability, identity construction, learning analytics, etc.: http://www.epforum.eu/programme

Among the keynote speakers and panel members are the following experts:

  • Kirstie Donnelly MBE, City & Guilds Group Director of Product Development
  • Philipp S. Mueller, Dean of the Business School (SMBS) of University of Salzburg, Austria, author of “machavelli.net”
  • Alan Davis, President and Vice-Chancellor, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Canada
  • Russel Francis, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, author of The Decentring of the Traditional University: The Future of (Self) Educaton in Virtually Figured Worlds
  • Darren Cambridge, American Institutes for Research, USA, author of Electronic Portfolio 2.0
  • Serge Ravet, ADPIOS, Europortfolio, France, author of the Internet of Subjects Manifesto
  • Helen Barrett, ePortfolio consultant, USA, author of ePortfolio for Learning

Submission of contributions
If you would like to contribute with a presentation and/or a paper, the deadline for the submission of abstracts has been extended until May 27th (only an abstract is required at this stage): http://www.epforum.eu/call

About ePIC
Founded in 2003, ePIC has established an excellent track record as an important forum for connecting practitioners, researchers, technologists, employers and policy makers in the fields of educational technologies and identity construction. Our conference is appreciated for the ability to explore current issues in depth, whilst leading the path towards possible futures. Last year, 25 countries were represented, from Japan over Russia to Canada.

We look forward to seeing you in London,

Kind regards,

Esther Linley, Europortfolio, Conference organiser

Join us at ePIC 2013, the 11th International ePortfolio and Identity Conference
8-9-10 July 2013, London


About literacymanagement

Members of the ILM consortium will share news about their local ILM program and ongoing collaborative projects. Participants of the ILM certificate program are encuraged to collaborate with any partner or project.
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