July 09-11, 2014: Writing Development in Higher Education (WDHE) Conference in Coventry (England)

The WDHE Network’s listserv and biennial conference have been integral to charting the development of Academic Writing pedagogy and theory in UK universities, and this year’s conference, hosted by the Centre for Academic Writing at Coventry University, will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Founding of the WDHE Network. The conference will provide an important opportunity to reflect on how and why the field of Academic Writing has grown, and to consider national and international collaborations with colleagues and ‘Future Directions in Academic Writing’.Image

Featured Speakers:
Richard Andrews: ‘Writing in Higher Education: what is happening, and what are the possibilities?’
Diane Pecorari: ‘If there’s nothing new under the sun, how can plagiarism research make an original contribution to the future teaching of academic writing?
Conference Themes:
·         Reflecting on past, present, and future directions for Academic Writing pedagogy
and research
·         New forms of academic writing
·         Affective domains of student writing
·         Writing and technology (e.g. teaching and tutoring online, digitization)
·         Multilingualism and Academic Writing
·         Working with students or with staff on writing development
·         Multimodality and Academic Writing
·         Innovations in Academic Writing teaching and tutoring
·         Influencing institutional policies on Academic Writing development
·         Plagiarism and proofreading policies and research
·         Careers in Academic Writing development and research
Longstanding WDHE Network colleagues as well as those who are new to Academic Writing teaching and research are welcome. The conference is open to all who have an interest in Academic Writing development.
See the conference website for details: http://www.coventry.ac.uk/events/WDHE2014/

About literacymanagement

Members of the ILM consortium will share news about their local ILM program and ongoing collaborative projects. Participants of the ILM certificate program are encuraged to collaborate with any partner or project.
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