Literacy Management auf internationaler Ebene sichtbar gemacht

Hello All,

I am very pleased to announce Writing Programs Worldwide – a web
publishing initiative:
This is a completely open-access platform for teachers and scholars to
talk about individual or departmental initiatives that assist how writing
is taught and learned in their locales. We welcome teachers, program
managers, writing center directors, and college/university administrators
to share and discuss how writing is currently defined, taught, and supported
in their institutions with their prescribed baccalaureate and post baccalaureate
curricula and goals. This multimodal web project will consist of articles written
in multiple languages, video and audio interviews of Writing Program
Administrators and teachers, and photographs portraying the writing
programs and students at different colleges, universities, or technical
institutes around the world.

If you go to the website now, you will see the texts of more than 40
writing program profiles published in the 2012 anthology, Writing Programs
Worldwide: Profiles of Academic Writing in Many Places,  that was published
online by the open-access WAC Clearinghouse: and as print on demand by Parlor
Press ( With the hope to continue the
dialog and spirit in the book, the same editorial team (Aparna Sinha,
Chris Thaiss, Gerd Bräuer, Paula Carlino, Lisa Ganobcsik-Williams) brings
this web publishing initiative. The current website will begin to give you
an idea of the projected web portal, as well as information about the
initiatives profiled there.

Primary goals of are:
1. To establish the first, free, multilingual, multimodal, publication
web-portal that showcases how writing programs are managed across the world
at different institutions.
2. To build a dialogic transnational community of writing scholars,
teachers, and administrators.
3. To encourage research on the shaping of writing programs and writing
centers and related areas of inquiry;
4. To share discoveries of new approaches to teaching writing within a
programmatic framework;
5. To honor multilingualism, by allowing universities to share their
information in the language(s) of their choice.

You can collaborate and participate with us in the following ways:
Option 1: Published Article
If you would like your writing program and/or individual work to be
profiled in this web publication, you can collaborate with one of the
editors and publish an article. The Profile essays will be roughly
2000-3000 words in length. The editors will happily work with the
contributors in the language of their choice.

Option 2: Video/Audio Interview
If you would prefer not to contribute your own article, you have the option
of being interviewed by one of our editors. This video/audio interview will
be recorded and posted on the website. The scope of the interview will be
about your writing program and initiatives around teaching and learning

Option 3: Applying to be a Co-Editor also invites applications for
co-editors. Given the broad scope of this web portal, a diverse team of
editors will be essential, so please do apply. Graduate students and
Faculty in Composition & Rhetoric, Writing studies, or closely related
fields are all welcome. Applicants who are bilingual and/or fluent in
languages other than English are encouraged to apply. This is an
uncompensated, volunteer, position that will demonstrate your engagement in
scholarly research in the field. If you are interested in collaborating on
a publication or several publications, you can apply with your resume and
letter of interest to Aparna Sinha (<>).

Aparna Sinha, PhD
Assistant Professor, English Language Education,
College of Health Science, California Northstate University

About literacymanagement

Members of the ILM consortium will share news about their local ILM program and ongoing collaborative projects. Participants of the ILM certificate program are encuraged to collaborate with any partner or project.
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