June 30: Webinar on writing center development

We are happy to invite you to the eduhub webinar:
“Writing Centers to enhance Learning and Instruction in Swiss Teacher Education”, presented by Gisela Bürki (PH Bern) and Gerd Bräuer (ZHAW/PH Freiburg, Germany) on Thursday, June 30, from 11 AM – 12 NOON (Central European Summer Time (CEST). PLEASE ALSO SIGN UP IF YOU WANT TO WATCH THE RECORDING AND DOWNLOAD THE WEBINAR MATERIALS AFTERWARDS! (signup instructions s. below)

Topic of the webinar:
Writing centers have been spreading throughout the world in higher education in the past 50 years. There are now writing center associations in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. In the Swiss system of higher education over a period of only a few years, writing centers were established in Zurich (2), Zug, Aarau and Bern. A most recent discussion under the roof of “Forum Schreiben”, an association of academic writing experts in Switzerland and abroad, indicated that there may be more writing centers to come in the near future. What makes writing centers so attractive for higher education? Are writing centers in Switzerland different from those in other places of the world? What insittutional model(s) are being used? Since most writing centers in Switzerland were established in teacher education, this webinar will provide some insight in the establishment of the writing center at the University of Education in Bern. Gisela Bürki, initiator of the writing center in Bern, and Gerd Bräuer who facilitated the college steering group, will share “lessons learned” with those who are interested in further developing writing support in higher education in Switzerland and abroad.

Infos & registration here:
The webinar will be presented online with SWITCHpoint Adobe Connect.
We are looking forward to your participation!
Please contact us, if you want to hold a webinar yourself, or if you have wishes for a certain topic we should present a webinar about. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome!

Kind regards,
Nathalie Roth
Rolf Brugger

Please note: This webinar will be organized in collaboration with http://www.international-literacy-management.org.

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Members of the ILM consortium will share news about their local ILM program and ongoing collaborative projects. Participants of the ILM certificate program are encuraged to collaborate with any partner or project.
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